New Colored Adhesive has Enhanced Opacity, Suitability for Direct Contact With Foods

Posted on 9/1/2017 12:29:10 PM By ASC

Herma has announced the release of a new colored adhesive that not only exhibits enhanced opacity but is suitable for direct contact with foods according to the company. Herma has applied its multi-layer technology to enhance the opacity of foodstuff labels in the new HERMAperfectOpaque range. HERMAperfectOpaque 62Gpo and HERMAperfectOpaque 62Dpo will be the flagship products in the range.

According to the company 62Gpo does not migrate into foodstuffs and maintains high tack properties even in cold, damp conditions. It will be used on opaque copy/laser labels and will eliminate bleeding during die-cutting.

Although the use of colored adhesives for certain label types that must be opaque is not new, Herma says that its product is the first of its kind to be suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs. It overcame contamination issues by using multiple layers and a pigment approved for direct contact with foods. The opaque adhesive is applied to the second layer, and the adhesive layer that comes into contact with the foodstuffs need not, therefore, be colored.