New Coatings Spray Cup System Touts Time and Cost Saving Benefits

Posted on 4/23/2019 5:41:01 PM By ASC

3M has announced the release of a new spray cup system for coatings application that it says will reduce preparation and clean up time by half while reducing the need for cleaning solvents by as much as 70 percent.  In addition, the system will spray at any angle, even in an upside down position. The company highlights six features which it believes give its spray cup system an advantage.

The spout adapter is wide and has a four point connection that ensures stability during use while simplifying cleaning of the equipment after use. The domed lid features a quarter-turn locking system and has a full-diameter filter designed for better flow and consistency. Each lid and liner kit comes with a new cup allowing operators to replace cups more often while ratio and fill markings and the access window enhance convenience. A larger cup sealing plug allows for inverted storage of coatings so that lid longevity can be enhanced. The new spray cup system is compatible with most spray guns thanks to a wide range of adapters.