New Chemical and Heat Resistant Adhesive System

Posted on 2/12/2020 1:09:59 PM By ASC

MasterBond has introduced a new adhesive aimed at the military, aerospace, electronic, electrical and original equipment manufacturers which resists both chemicals like hydraulic fluids, hydrocarbons, fuels and oils, as well as high temperatures of up to 350°F. According to the company, the two component epoxy polysulfide system is also capable of bonding a wide range of substrates like metals, glass, composites and ceramics, as well as many different types of rubbers.

MasterBond reports that the EP21TPHT provides a combination of high lap shear (1600psi to 1800psi); elongation of 20% to 40% and a relatively low tensile modulus of 30,000 to 50,000 psi, which suits it to applications which involve thermal cycling and mechanical stress. As an electrically insulative material its relative permittivity to store electrical energy has a dialectic constant of 3.9 and volume resistivity of more than 1,014Ohm-cm at 75°F.

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