New Building Protection Underlayment Incorporates Novel Patented Adhesive

Posted on 6/11/2019 7:08:17 AM By ASC

Concrete Rooftile company Eagle Roofing and sealing and coating firm APOC have worked together in producing a new type of underlayment they believe will be better able to withstand the impact and effects of severe weather. At the core of the fleece-topped underlayment is APOC’s patented adhesive made up of three compounds, and a reinforced-seam technology which increases its waterproofing capability.

Designed for use in both commercial and residential buildings and regardless of whether the roofing material used consists of concrete tiles or metal roofing, it can be fastened mechanically, with foam, or using a hybrid of the two.

Eagle Roofing said the fleece-topped heavy duty polyester underlayment membrane is 100% waterproof, nail sealable and UV blocked. It can also sustain high temperatures and has added traction. 


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