New Bench-top Ammunition Sealer for Lower Volume Operations

Posted on 9/18/2019 7:09:34 AM By ASC

Adhesive, sealant and dispensing system manufacturer, Florida-based Hernon Manufacturing Inc, has decided to add a new compact and condensed model to its industrial-level ammunition sealing system range. The new compact device is aimed at smaller operations and R&D companies which separate and batch smaller quantities of ammunition than its current industrial client base.

The new bench-top Autosealer 5220 makes use of most of the same technology as the large-scale models, including Sure Shot jet dispensing and Ultracure UV LED curing lights. However, unlike the bigger ones, the 5220 model requires manual loading. The cartridges are then automatically aligned for dispensing. A primer and wicking sealant are dispensed onto the case mouth and cured, where exposed, using the UV LED lights, or anaerobically where it is not exposed. The 5220 supports ammunition of up to .50 caliber, and processes at a rate of 20 parts per minute.

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