New Avery Dennison Adhesive Uncorks Pressure-Sensitive Labeling for Sparkling Wine and Champagne Bottles

Posted on 9/19/2012 8:45:16 AM By

Avery Dennison Corporation is now offering a new emulsion adhesive dubbed Z3338. This adhesive is designed for wine and champagne labels so that pressure-sensitive labeling materials can be applied to bottles covered in condensation. Particularly in the case of sparkling wines and champagnes, nearly freezing liquids may be poured in warmer bottles causing a layer of condensation to form before labeling. To deal with these conditions wine makers have had to opt for labeling techniques that limit label shape and printing options. Z3338 offers wine makers more options to make their product eye-catching and competitive. Moreover, with the option to apply pressure-sensitive labels in warm and humid condition and with heavy condensation, wine makers can improve efficiency and reduce down-time. Z3338 is designed to solve the classic problems of high condensation labeling and provide a label that will maintain integrity from its initial application all the way to the consumer.