New App Helps Optimize Adhesive Usage in Packaging

Posted on 8/21/2019 1:27:11 PM By ASC

Adhesives manufacturer Baumer hhs, which has been producing adhesives for more than 30 years, has introduced a smartphone app that will help its customers in the packaging industry optimize the amount of adhesives used in producing their packaging. The company reports that its GlueCalc App aimed at both reducing the soaring costs of packaging and cutting down on Co2 emissions, both areas of concern in the packaging sector.

The App calculates the benefits of replacing adhesive lines with a series of carefully-placed dots or shorter lines, based on input involving the existing length, width and number of lines. It then displays the resulting tables of information on the smartphone screen, along with a scientifically-backed report on the predicted reduction in emissions. Baumer reports that when applied, this information has, in some instances, reduced adhesive consumption by half, so leading to annual six-figure cost savings which rise with the size and ouput of the packaging manufacturer.

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