New Anti-Microbial Adhesive Vinyl for Controlling Bacteria Growth

Posted on 5/18/2021 7:53:47 AM By ASC

UK visual communication solutions company Beaverswood has introduced a new adhesive vinyl aimed at reducing germ and bacterial growth in industries where keeping hygiene levels high and cross contamination low is a challenge when using normal cleaning methods.  

According to the company, the anti-microbial adhesive vinyl, part of the company’s Visusafe Personal Protection range, is compliant with ISO22196 and European hygiene regulations (European Parliament No 852/2004). This, the company reports, allows for the Visuclean vinyl can be used in industries’ safety programs aimed at preventing contamination and the spread of health threats such as Listeria and Coronavirus, particularly when it is applied to those areas most likely to bring about cross contamination. These include places such as lift buttons, truck and trolley handles, and desktops.

The company reports that the adhesive vinyl can be applied to various area sizes and surfaces, and can be cut to size for specific applications on walls, floors or smaller areas. Options available include vinyls designed to be used horizontally or vertically, either with a printed design overlay or clear without print (on request). Beaverswood reports that the adhesive vinyl should continue to offer protection from bacteria for up to 12 months before needing to be replaced.