New Adhesive Trio Launched for Keeping Turf on the Ground

Posted on 2/6/2020 12:39:48 PM By ASC

Synthetic turf was introduced to remove some of the problems (like cutting natural grass) in gardens and sporting venues. However, the new “lawn” has created its own issues, such as the occasional problem with adhesion. As a follow-up to the launch of their wireless GA3 adhesive delivery system last year, Chemique Adhesives has added a new range of solvent free adhesives aimed at firmly grounding the turf in both residential and commercial situations. 

The three Turftak products, according to the company, are designed to work with the GA3 for easier and more efficient application, as well as adding high initial tack and permanent bonds which give lasting flexibility and shock absorption.

Like its name suggests, Turftak 1 is a single component polyurethane adhesive. It calls for no mixing,sets fast, and is designed to be resistant to both shock and moisture. Turftak 2 isthe two-component formula offering in the new trio. According to the company, its benefits include complete control over the bonding process, regardless of factors such as heat or humidity. Number 3 in the range is a single-component moisture cure adhesive, Turftak-SMP, which is UV-stable and bonds to wet surfaces.


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