New Adhesive Technology Marks a Sustainable Revolution in Shoe Manufacturing

Posted on 8/26/2014 8:29:43 AM By ASC

Cyanoacrylates, the compounds that make super glue, have been use in Loctite adhesives since the 1970s. However, now for the first time, cyanoacrylates are being used for shoe repair. Historically, cyanoacrylates were too inflexible and lacked the water resistance needed for shoe gap repair. Henkel’s R&D labs have changed that, creating the cyanoacrylate adhesive Loctite FT 220 specifically for shoe manufacture and repair. Cyanoacrylates have many potential advantages for the shoe industry—they cure rapidly, require minimal adhesive, can be manually or semi-manually applied, are free of VOCs, and bond readily to a variety of substrates. Use of Loctite FT 220 can contribute to faster and simpler production, lower energy consumption, less adhesive used, and increased productivity.