New Adhesive System Aims at Efficient Fibre and Filament Winding

Posted on 11/12/2020 12:36:46 PM By EPPM

A new adhesive system for fibre and filament winding is available from Panacol. The adhesive can be applied during the winding process itself, and immediately cured using high intensity LED curing systems.

According to Panacol, the new system is suitable for glass fibre or carbon filament winding of the type used in the CFRP process, as well as to wrap components such as hybrid rotor shafts for electric motors, and high-voltage surge arresters, with adhesive-coated fibre-reinforced windings which can be quickly cured using irradiation from UV/Visible light wavelengths. The epoxy can also be cured thermally to ensure areas shadowed from the UV light are cured completely.

The company reports that the new adhesive, a transparent, solvent-free, one-component epoxy, has very good wetting problems due to its low viscosity, and after curing, shows minimal shrinkage and stays resistant to temperatures between -40° to 180°C. A glass transition temperature of over 130C  allows for reliable performance even when under dynamic load at high temperatures.