New Adhesive Skin Patch Created for Bongiorno Health Coach to Benefit Charitable Cause

Posted on 9/9/2021 7:21:08 AM By ASC

Skin Grip, manufacturer of extra strong adhesive-backed sensor patches used by active type-1 diabetics, is launching new adhesive patches in collaboration with health coach Lauren Bongiorno. All proceeds will be going to T1 International, a non-profit organization aimed at assisting those suffering from the most severe level of the disease.

According to the company, the new limited Skin Grip/Bongiorno edition patches are linked with one of the exercises the health coach recommends for reducing blood sugar levels quickly when necessary, and which involves stopping, dropping and squatting.  

The company reports that to keep glucose monitors firmly on type-1 diabetics’ arms constantly while active, extra-strong patches and tapes specially designed to fit different makes of monitors are required. This has resulted in the development of medical grade and hypo-allergenic adhesives and tapes which prevent damage to the skin, while keeping the monitors firmly attached to the arm for up to two weeks, even when the wearer is working out, running, swimming, or dancing.