New Adhesive Sensor Aimed at Picking up and Tracking Covid-19 Symptoms

Posted on 6/3/2020 10:44:20 AM By ASC

Northwestern University has developed an adhesive sensor about the size of a postage stamp, and assigned it a very big responsibility. The sensor, which adheres to the lower part of the neck, and looks similar to a plaster hiding a shaving mishap, is tasked with detecting the very early signs of the Covid-19 virus and amassing large amounts of data for analysis.

The university reports that the sensor doesn’t stop at detecting early signs of infection like coughing and irregular breathing. It also operates as an around-the-clock monitor tracing patterns in the chest and throat, as well as irregular breathing, respiratory sounds, body temperature, and heart rate. During recent tests carried out in the clinic and at the homes of 25 people affected by the virus, the device produced a terabyte of data on these issues during a period lasting 1,500 hours.

While the he sensor can be worn 24/7, the data it amasses is synced to an iPad only once a day, when the device is taken off for charging. Once transferred via a wireless connection, the raw data is uploaded to the cloud where it is studied and analyzed using an Artificial Intelligence algorithm, and any symptoms and signs suggestive of Covid-19 are extracted.

According to the university, the tiny sensor is aimed particularly at health care workers. It hopes that picking up warning signs of Covid-19 by using data already collected and analyzed, before these workers are even aware that they have them, may lead to precautionary measures and standard tests being taken immediately.

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