New Adhesive Labelstocks for ‘Ultra-Removable and Re-Usable’

Posted on 10/29/2019 7:03:26 AM By ASC

Two new adhesive labelstocks from Mactac add to its REPOP range that the company reports are ultra-removable because of their proprietary pressure sensitive adhesive backing which allows for totally clean removal and re-positioning or re-use, regardless of the substrate involved, or the number of times the same label is removed and re-used.

According to the company, the silicone adhesive coating on its new 2-mil white semi-gloss polyester LTCRES5035 and clear LTCRE5055 labelstocks also has a wet-out property which maximizes the contact area and reduces the chance of bubbles of air marring the adhesion. The product labels are also protected with a white polyethylene 75# kraft liner.

Mactac reports that the adhesive on the labels which are intended for use in product branding, and for attaching warning and informational labels to appliances, industrial products and electrical devices, has been designed to maintain the same stable tack despite multiple removals. This allows for removal and re-positioning as often as necessary during the label’s life cycle.

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