New Adhesive for Temperature-Resistant Thermoplastics

Posted on 8/14/2018 9:54:53 AM By ASC

Panacol has announced the release of Vitralit UV 4082, a light-curing adhesive that is specifically designed for bonding thermoplastics that resist high temperatures to materials that would previously not have been compatible with the plastics. These include PEEK, PEN, and TPU which have previously presented a challenge for the adhesives industry. Apart from working well with these plastics, Vitralit UV 4082 will also form strong bonds when manufacturers choose to use glass or ceramic substrates.

The manufacturers say that the adhesive has been exposed to temperatures of 150°C for up to seven days in tests, yet retained its flexibility, making it suitable for use with materials that may bend and flex. To cure the adhesive, manufacturers expose it to light from gas discharge lamps or LEDs, and the inspection of the bond is made possible by it fluorescence under black light.

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