New Two Component Adhesive for Application on Laser and Aerospace Optical Components

Posted on 9/14/2021 11:24:01 AM By ASC

The results of a MasterBond case study of conditions facing adhesive applications when bonding space and laser components has led both to the realization of the significance of the stresses which arise from both mechanical and thermal factors in these sectors.

The company reports that this can impact on the structural integrity of bonding agents used in conditions where such integrity is vital and has led to the development of a new two-component epoxy resin compound adhesive (EP21TDC-210) with a one to three composition to meet the requirements for use in mission-critical application in aerospace and in the military. 

This new adhesive, the company reports, was specially formulated to address the cure properties’ stability during the thermal and mechanical stress generated while bonding laser system mirrors at military standards and to meet the challenges involved in bonding heat exchange structures in space-borne platforms such as the alpha magnetic spectrometer on the International Space Station, which required thermal stability  with high thermal conductivity, and a compatible thermal expansion co-efficient.

The adhesive cures fully in two to three hours at 200°F, or overnight at ambient temperature, and once cured, has very high levels of toughness and tensile elongation, which the company reports is unusual in a thermally conductive epoxy. It also passed the NASA low outgassing criteria, and has a service range of 4K to +250°F suitable for bonding in harsh conditions while maintaining structural integrity.