New Adhesive Backed Metal ID Tags Curve with Substrate Surface

Posted on 11/19/2020 11:05:37 AM By Concrete Products

A new scratch proof metal identification tag from InfoSight is, according to the company, capable of conforming to any curve in the surface it’s to be bonded to. Additionally, the concrete grade strong adhesive helps it retain that shape, regardless of how tight the curve is.

Part of the company’s existing PermaLabel range of concrete-grade adhesive metal labels, the newcomer to the family, while retaining the strength of its sibling labels and tags, is far more flexible and capable of bending round corners or wrapping round poles with curves that have a radius as small as one inch.

The metal tags, all 3 inches wide, are available in lengths varying from 0,75 to 6 inches, and printing of the label is done with laser.