NASA Develops Technology for Stronger Metal to Shape Memory Polymer Bonds

Posted on 8/7/2017 4:33:47 PM By ASC

NASA has been exploring the possibilities inherent in shape memory polymer composites (SMPs). The materials will form the basis of adaptive wing structures and the technology can be extended to include applications in the intelligent medical device industry and the smart armor of the future. It could also prove useful in infrastructure projects, packaging, and engines.

The new bonding technology will allow for stronger bonds between SMPs and metals. It makes use of toughening and coupling agents that will enhance strength at the point of material interfaces, limiting the possibility of failure. During testing, the technology created bonds that were more than twice as strong as those previously achieved. This advance takes us a step closer to morphing structures that successfully adapt their shape according to the conditions to which they are exposed. The organization has filed a patent, and approval is pending.