NASA Certifies New Sealing, Bonding and Coating Adhesive

Posted on 9/17/2019 7:04:38 AM By ASC

NASA low-outgassing certification could be the cherry on the top for Master Bond’s new  UV curable sealing, bonding and coating adhesive, UV10TK40M. It’s aimed at sectors like the optical, fiber-optic, opto-electronic and electronic industries, where assemblies could be affected by condensation or fogging should trapped gas be released.

MasterBond reported that to earn the certification, the single-component UV10TK40M  stood up to 85°C at 85%RH for over a thousand hours, but this was only one of the features included to meet the needs of those industries. Others included its light transmission and optical clarity; high viscosity and temperature resistance; high glass transition temperatures; its ability to bond well to substrates like plastics (including polycarbonates and acrylics), glass and surface-treated metals; and its high chemical resistance to water, oils, acids, bases and solvents.

According to Master Bond, the adhesive is not inhibited by oxygen, and is UV curable within 20 to 30 seconds subject to the intensity and distance from the light source, and the section thickness. Although a thickness of only a few thousandths of an inch usually proved adequate for bonding, the system could cure sections up to a quarter inch thick. It also showed low shrinkage and could be used as an electrical insulator at temperatures as low as -60°F or as high as +450°F.

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