Multi-Function Adhesives Key to Smart Systems for Needle Bonding and Syringe Assembly

Posted on 6/2/2021 7:57:43 AM By ASC

The high demands made by needle bonding and syringe assembly, the highest volume  production area of the medical sector have led to adhesive company Panacol, dispenser supplier Hönle and bdtronic technology partnering in a bid to meet them. These demands include optimally processes that are matched  to ensure precise adhesive dosing, capillary flow, and UV light curing in a matter of seconds, as well as very rapid yet high-precision, permanent, and reliable bonding with adhesives which are also able to withstand various sterilization methods.

To meet the adhesive needs, the partners report that the Panacol’s range of UV curable Vitralit adhesives are used for needle bonding as they are solvent free, certified for use in medical equipment as USP Class VI and/or ISO10993, and after several sterilization cycles still measured high in terms of extraction forces.

These adhesives are available in various viscosities to accommodate the variety of demands in needle bonding, which include fitting the needle’s design and filling the gap between needle and hub. However, choice of the optimal adhesive also relies on the material being used for the bond, which can influence the curing. When these materials are transparent and UV-permeable, UV curing is the most suitable, but LED curable adhesives would be necessary if materials such as polycarbonates are used, as these block UV light. Fluorescent versions of these adhesives are also available for visual quality inspection.

For dispensing the adhesives, the companies use bdtronic’s volumetric dispensing equipment. They report that regardless of the adhesive viscosity, bdtronic’s mini-dis solution makes dispensing it in microliter range simpler, and pulsation free dispensing makes sure of optimal process speed, repeatability and accuracy as a result of continuous volumetric dispensing.

The UV curing method depends on the adhesive and the wavelength at which the polymerization is triggered. The companies report that either UV-A or visible LED light are suitable for needle bonding with Vitralit products.  According to the partners, with the Hönle LED Powerline LC, a special LED assembly, and an own optimized electric power supply, high-intensive irradiation for fastest curing and shortest cycle time is guaranteed. The irradiation time can be selected within a range of 0.01 – 99.99 sec allowing for precise adaptation to the process requirements.