Momentive Releases New SilTRUST Products for Solar Module Production

Posted on 6/18/2012 2:37:53 PM By ASC

Solar Industry Magazine 

Momentive Performance Materials has introduced two new items that can be used in the solar module manufacturing process. The first new product is the SilTRUST TSE3822-W adhesive sealant, a one-component oxime-cure silicone adhesive that cures into elastic rubber at room temperature when it is exposed to moisture in the air. Momentive Performance Materials says the sealant adheres well to aluminum frames, back sheets, glass, and most of the other types of materials that are used in the photovoltaic industry. The second product, SilTRUST TSE3667, is a two-component, condensation-cure silicone rubber that is used for electric potting. Like SilTRUST TSE3822-W, it cures at room temperature, forming an elastic flame-retardant rubber. SilTRUST TSE3667 adheres to most metals, plastics, glass, and other materials without the need for primers.


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