Microsphere Adhesive Technology Allows for Long-Term Peel-Off of Paper Labels

Posted on 1/22/2018 11:39:41 AM By ASC

Labeling can present a dilemma. The label must adhere to the substrate, but it must be possible to peel it away without causing damage. In addition, reusability can help users to track materials without having to print new labels. Lintec Corporation has employed microsphere technology to solve the problem.

The microspheres in the label’s adhesive limit its contact with the surface to which the label is applied, allowing coated paper labels to peel away from delicate substrates like cardboard without damage to the label or the substrate. The label maintains its ability to stick, and can be reapplied to almost any surface after being removed.

The company says that the Repeel adhesive range is only the first among several labeling solutions it will be launching in the coming months and says that it will continue to develop products based on microsphere technology.