Leakproof Sealant to Save Washington, D.C. Metro’s Red Line Subway

Posted on 12/26/2017 8:36:14 AM By ASC

For years now, Washington, D.C. Metro’s Red Line has been battling a persistent threat from nature. The extra-deep underground segment has long been serving as a drain for underground water that once seeped into a nearby creek, and the persistent leaking that resulted has raised fears for the line’s safety.

Now, technicians believe that they have found a workable solution, and the Red Line Water Leak Pilot Project is underway. It aims to encase the tunnel with a special sealant that will form a leak-proof membrane. The ceiling of the tunnel will be drilled in hundreds of places, and then the sealant will be injected. Paul J. Wiedefeld, Metro Manager, says that the new strategy is effective but needs to undergo a testing period. In time, he hopes that the sealant process can be used along the length of the Red Line where leaks have caused track fires in the past.