Kraton Granted Emergency Exemption for BiaXam Antimicrobial Adhesive

Posted on 5/19/2021 7:42:01 AM By ASC

Responding to the need for protection against the Covid-19 virus, the US Environmental Protection Agency has granted Kraton specialty polymer and high value bio-based products manufacturer has been granted a public health emergency FIFRA Act Section 18 exemption for its antimicrobial BiaXam coating and peel-and-stick adhesive film to be used by its launch customer, Delta Air Lines. Specific applications will be carried out in the states of Minnesota, Georgia, and Utah, which together lodged the request for the exemption, starting with the airline’s counters in the three states.

The patent-pending BiaXam sulfonated block copolymer is designed for use as a coating, or applied as a versatile peel-and-stick adhesive film on various plastic, metal, and glass substrates and surfaces for antimicrobial protection. According to the company, the transparent but solid sulfonated copolymer is not reliant on chemicals for its antimicrobial qualities. Instead its antimicrobial nature is an inherent feature of polymers.

The company reports that under laboratory conditions at the Boston and Texas Universities, BiaXam was shown to kill 99.999% of the SARS-CoV-2virus, and will provide antimicrobial protection on public surfaces for up to 200 days, depending on how it’s used and cleaned, as well as levels of exposure.

According to Kraton, The BiaXam technology platform will expand as regulatory approvals are granted, particularly in the medical sector.