Keeping Up with Increasing Demand for High Performance Automotive Adhesives for Electric Vehicles

Posted on 6/24/2021 8:05:03 AM By ASC

Responding to increasing demand for adhesive advanced mobility solutions and the resultant need to expand its high performance automotive adhesives capacity, DuPont Mobility & Materials has invested $5 million in its Swiss and German manufacturing facilities. 

The company reports that installation of new equipment, which is already underway, will increase the manufacturing capacity of these facilities; speed up the delivery of samples to customers; and allow for the development of new mobility solutions in collaboration with customers in order to ensure the new solutions meet their needs.

Products developed and produced at the facilities include thermal interface materials for supporting battery thermal management in hybrid/electric vehicle charging and operation; multi-material bonding adhesives designed for vehicle body structure, battery sealing and assembly; structural adhesives for vehicle body structure and battery bonding for crash durability and vehicle structures with lighter weight; and glass bonding adhesives for enhancing vehicle structure for both OEM installation and for aftermarket repair of windscreens, backlites, panoramic, and stationary glass.