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Posted on 8/4/2015 9:02:59 AM By ASC

In 2014, adhesive and sealant formulators shipped 30.3 billion pounds of product (13.8 metric tons).

The Americas represented 31% of these shipments.

The packaging segment was the largest segment, globally – representing 35% of production shipments.

In North America, 8.2 million pounds of product was shipped in 2014. 

The North American market will grow by an annual growth rate of 3.1% through 2017.

Packaging represents 57% of the adhesives market in North America.

Sealants will grow at an annual growth rate of 3.3% through 2017. 

The Asia Pacific market is poised to have the strongest growth in the world, with a projected 5.3% annual growth rate for both adhesives and sealants.

The market stands at 10 billion pounds of product shipped in 2014, with China being the largest consumer at 5.6 billion pounds of products shipped.

I could go on and on with data and figures….in fact, I could produce 99 pages of facts and figures for Asia Pacific and 131 pages of facts and figures for North America.

That is one of the primary value drivers of the Adhesive and Sealant Council.

We call it “Community Knowledge Integration” and we focus on delivering market data and information via six different reports, today, and will grow this to eight reports by 2017.

Today, ASC offers the following products to your marketing teams:

The North American Market Study for Adhesives and Sealants 2014-2017

The Asia Pacific Market Study for Adhesives and Sealants 2014-2017

The North American Caulks and Sealants Market Report

The Central and South American Market Report

The PSA in North America Market Report

Coming soon:

Urethanes in North America Market Report (2015 publication)

Hot Melt in North America (2016)

Waterborne in North America (2016)

Oh – and we are also publishing a FREE “voice of the customer” report from the Passenger and Light Trucks Sub-Segment as well as the Heavy Trucks and Busses Sub-Segment.  (Fall of 2015).

ASC members publish these reports working in collaboration groups like DPNA International, Frost and Sullivan, Ducker Worldwide and BRG Group. 

ASC’s Vision is to ensure Innovators Secure Their Future with Adhesives and Sealants – and to help achieve this we offer data and customer voice information so that members have a solid understanding of where they currently stand, and where the market may be heading.

Have you checked out ASC’s Community Knowledge Integration tools?  View them at or contact Steve Duren at  He can connect you to the right data so you can help guide your company to where you need to be.

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