JumpStart Invests $250,000 in ADAP Nanotech After University of Akron Discovers Gecko Feet Adhesive

Posted on 3/23/2012 3:46:52 PM By ASC

In light of research completed on gecko feet adhesive, Cleveland-based JumpStart invested $250,000 in the adhesive properties researchers at the University of Akron discovered with them. Scientists at UA created a new kind of adhesive that sticks without the stickiness, and two entrepreneurs started their own business, ADAP Nanotech, using the unique adhesive. The business will use the funding, in part, to produce commercial samples of the adhesive for potential customers to test out. According to Dr. Ali Dhinojwala, chair of the UA Department of Polymer Science and Morton Professor of Polymer Science, the discovery of carbon nanotubes with its gripping power "has opened opportunities for advancements in microelectronics, medicine, robotics and common objects to improve everyday life. Someday, people might even have gloves or shoes that will enable them to climb mountains, walls, and cling to ceilings." The dry adhesives promise successful use in extreme atmospheric and temperature conditions and other applications that present challenges for liquid adhesives, he added.

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