Innovative Adhesive Tag Makes Smart Bag System Possible

Posted on 12/19/2018 12:56:26 PM By ASC

Arriving at a destination only to find that you’ve left some vital item behind is a feeling we all know – and it’s one a company called Adero hopes to end. The solution is high-tech, but it’s an adhesive that makes it all possible. The smart bag system consists of a mobile app, a Smart Tag for each bag whose contents you want to manage, and Tagles that you attach to the items that are supposed to go into each tagged bag. 

When you want to check if you’ve got all the items you need, the app checks for stray tagles, and notifies you of any tagged item that’s not in the bag. Of course, the system can only work if the tag and tagles stay attached, and that’s where a super-strong adhesive that can keep the tags bonded to bags and items for their two-month battery-life comes into the picture. 


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