Industry-First Non-Fleece Spray Adhesive Launched in Bid to Cut Labor Time

Posted on 4/22/2020 10:26:19 AM By ASC

Duro-Last Inc has notched a roofing industry first by removing the fleece in its new Solvent-Grip non-fleece PVC spray adhesive for roofing. According to the company, the spray is aimed at cutting back on labor time and increasing productivity by creating more efficient adhesion of its Duro-Last and Duro Tuff adhesive membranes on both horizontal and vertical substrates.

It can be used on both vertical and horizontal substrates such as structural concrete and wood, as well as Duro-Guard cover boards and polyisocyanurate rigid insulation board.

The company reports that the new non-fleece VOC solvent-based spray adhesive was aimed at improving adhesion efficiency at roof level and increasing productivity.

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