Industrial Adhesive Lifts 17.5 Tonne Truck for World Record

Posted on 8/20/2019 10:28:48 AM By ASC

It is not the first time lifting big trucks with the help of adhesives has made the record books, but DELO Industrial Adhesives has snatched the current first place in the Guinness World Records from the previous record holder by raising the weight of the truck by over a tonne. It lifted a 17.5 tonne truck (compared to 16.3 tonnes) and held it in the air for an hour, supported only by a 3.5cm aluminium cylinder bonded with three grams of its own adhesive.

DELO reported that it used its Monopox range of single component heat-cured epoxy resins used in the mechanical engineering, automotive and electric vehicle industries as a base from which to develop a specially-strong and high-temperature-resistant adhesive for the world record attempt.

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