Industrial Adhesive Labels Help Businesses Convey Vital Safety Information

Posted on 6/20/2018 11:15:50 AM By ASC

When workplace hazards are present, OSHA requires warning signage to be in place. However, the regulations do not prevent businesses from creating their own safety signage using labels and a printer. Industrial labeling and signage company Graphic Products says that labels are more flexible than traditional signage. When combined with sign blanks, they will result in a cheaper version of traditional signage.

However, conventional labels are generally not durable enough for use in harsh environments. To overcome the problem, Graphic Products recommends the use of Vinyl label stock that won’t fade or peel when exposed to UV light, moisture, or exposure to chemicals. The company says that there are labels that have been specifically designed for use under extreme conditions including environments with very high or low temperatures. There are even labels that will withstand traffic when used on factory flooring.

Graphic Products says that choosing the right label material for the conditions it will be exposed to is the first step. Thereafter, businesses can simply print safety information using the DuraLabel printer in order to achieve full compliance with workplace hazard signage legislation.

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