Increased Use of Mixed Materials and Structural Adhesives a Continuing Trend in Auto Manufacturing

Posted on 12/7/2018 11:28:07 AM By ASC

Emissions targets are still driving automobile lightweighting initiatives, but they’re not the only reason why auto manufacturers are following the trend towards mixed materials and structural adhesives in auto design and manufacture. It also helps engines to deliver better performance and gives motorists a better ride. 

Choosing the best material for every component may make sense, but in the past, the difficulty of bonding components made from different materials together limited designers’ scope. But with structural adhesives overcoming fastening and substrate interface problems, the use of mixed materials is gaining momentum. 

The Center for Automotive Research predicts that a body in white, which currently has an average of 55 percent mild steel, will only be 5 percent mild steel by 2040. The organization tips aluminum and composites to take steel’s place. Already, adhesives are making this possible, and the materials advances of the future will go hand-in-hand with innovation in adhesives.



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