Hyper Adhesive Creates New Strong Bonds at Molecular LevelASC

Posted on 10/21/2021 7:05:03 AM By ASC

Canadian adhesives manufacturer XlynX Materials has produced a new BondLynx molecular adhesives  which the company reports have chemical bonding abilities strong enough to permanently bond some of the most challenging polymers, including polypropylene and polyethylene, as well as boosting the mechanical properties and tear and perforation resistance of high-performance fabrics. 

According to XlynX these molecular adhesives use bis-diazirine chemistry  instead of mechanical forces to create covalent chemical bonds between polymer chains by mimicking the joinery between carbon atoms which forms individual polymer chains.

The company reports that the adhesive inserts itself into the carbon-hydrogen bonds  already present in almost all commodity polymers, and permanently cross links the chains of different materials. This is done using carbon-carbon bonds which, depending on the manufacturing process involved, are initiated by heat, ultraviolet (UV)/visible light, or by using an electric field.

According to the company, tests have shown the new adhesives to be capable of bonding almost any plastics. The adhesives are able to adhere polymers to metals, as well as bond elastomers and damp surfaces, factors which the company reports could open new opportunities for medical and dental development and manufacture.

When applied directly to polymer textiles, the company reports that the adhesive can both link and strengthen the fibres in the textile. It can also, according to tests carried out, strengthen the high molecular weight polyethylene fabrics in the production of protective equipment used both in ballistics and in wind sport, by enhancing the tear and perforation resistance significantly along with mechanical properties in these high-performance fabrics.