How Scotch Tape’s Invention Revolutionized Employee Time Management

Posted on 8/6/2019 6:57:00 AM By ASC

According to the Smithsonian, the banjo-playing inventor of Scotch Tape played a new tune when it came to tenacity, and the amount of time and effort that Richard Drew put into the invention that would eventually rock the world. However his employer’s rulings restricting the working hours he spent on his invention meant that a lot of the 40 years taken to perfect the tape were at notched up at home outside office hours.

However his tune certainly stuck in the minds of his employers, Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (now 3M), and re-surfaced when the company saw how the tape changed the way Americans did repairs at home during and after the Great Depression.

The 3M executive who originally chastised Drew for spending too much working time on the tape immediately changed the company’s approach to employee work-time management to let engineers spend 15 percent of their working hours on developing their own inventions. The rule still remains at 3M, and has since spread to other major development companies, particularly those in the IT sector, like HP and Google.

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