How Military-Grade Adhesives Benefit Industry and Research

Posted on 4/17/2019 8:52:18 AM By ASC

Time and again, we see technologies developed for military use ultimately finding their way into, and benefiting, commercial and research applications. The same is true of adhesives, says MasterBond, citing its thermally stable epoxies as an example. The epoxies meet the requirements for thermal stability set out in ASTM D3850-12 per MIL-STD-883J Section 3.5.2 & 3.8.5 for military applications.

As a result, epoxies meeting the standard can be relied on for use at high temperatures, but MasterBond comments that the service temperature range, thermal cycling speed, and other factors may come into play. Civilian uses include the epoxies’ potential use in satellites, lasers, or oil-drilling equipment as well as electronics and automobile manufacture.

While military-grade adhesives have been developed to tolerate extreme conditions, MasterBond recommends consultation with adhesive manufacturers to ensure the choice of products with the correct specifications for specific applications and manufacturing processes.

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