How Industrial Adhesives Fuel Entrepreneurship & New Product Innovations

Posted on 1/25/2021 4:05:23 PM By Atlanta Business Journal

Industrial-strength adhesives (and some crowd funding) have enabled countless new innovations and cottage industry startups to thrive. One such example of an innovative use of adhesives is a University of Georgia entrepreneurship graduate who upgraded a cross-body phone strap from a Halloween-theme costume accessory to a functional and strong fashion item now carrying three patents.


The grad, Kristi Frank, reports that the Cross Body Clutch Strap will keep any type of phone safe and easily accessible for those with or without pockets or purses when attending festivals and functions. She reports that the clutch strap will relieve them of the inconvenience of scratching around for the phone in a purse or pocket if they have one, and will keep the phone safe and easy to access if they don’t.

According to Frank, the Cross-Body Clutch Strap is made of leather, and when in use is attached to clips backed by strong industrial adhesives which bond well with any make of phone, creating a bond that’s strong enough to allow for the strapped phone swinging around.