How Improved Road Markings Help Save Lives

Posted on 12/4/2018 10:12:22 AM By ASC

A highway death in the U.S. occurs every 21 minutes as a result of a lane departure. This equates to over 25,000 fatalities annually and represents almost 60 percent of the fatalities on America’s highways. The U.S. spends approximately $2 billion each year on thermoplastic pavement marking materials, and many transportation agencies and research institutions continue to experiment with ways to enhance pavement markings as a method to reduce road fatalities. 
Ingevity, a specialty chemicals company headquartered in North Charleston, S.C., manufactures tall oil rosin resin that helps lane markings retain retro-reflectivity better after exposure to everyday wear and tear, and harsh weather conditions.  
The unique properties of WestRez® provide superior adhesion of the glass beads in the thermoplastic marking materials that enhances visibility and extends the life of the lane striping. This means that transportation agencies can save money, and ultimately reduce accidents and deaths on our roadways related to lane awareness. 

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