How best to seal the deal on road crack repairs?

Posted on 9/5/2012 2:31:21 PM By Daily Commercial News (08/30/12)

To better determine the best sealant for roadway repairs the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, multiple US state agencies, academics, and manufacturers are partnering in a pooled fund study sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration (FHA). When a road inevitably develops crack the correct repair, done in a timely manner, can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in future costs. However, for any such repair the key is determining which sealant to use.

Phase I of this project, pooled fund study TPF-5(045), developed performance-based tests and described sealant guidelines for choosing a hot-poured sealant. Ultimately, this phase of the project created a new sealant grade system to identify the best product based on local environmental conditions. Phase II of the project, pooled fund study TPF-5(225), now underway, is validating the guidelines developed in Phase I. This part of the project will compare an area with no sealing, to areas where sealing is performed. A total of seven sealing products will be paired with the various rout and seal, or clean and seal, methods. Testing incorporates varied climates and driving patterns at eight sites in North America. The first round of field tests were completed in March 2012, and the final results should be out in 2014.