How Adhesive Film Protects Birds from Big Window Crashes

Posted on 2/8/2021 12:46:34 PM By Sprout Wired

According to environmental coordinator Marima Lima, an adhesive vinyl film designed by local businessman Eloiza Besouch has finally provided a way to reduce the large number of birds that were dying at the headquarters of a horse-riding club in SãoPaulo, Brazil.

Marina Lima reports that the birds, confused by the reflections of trees in the glass of the large windows recently installed at the expanded headquarters, were flying directly into the glass, and dying on impact.


Applied after several attempts to stop the carnage failed, the vinyl adhesive film, dotted with small printed images set 10cm apart, caused the birds’ death rate to drop significantly, according to Marina Lima. In the absence of Brazilian records of bird deaths, the coordinator estimated that the drop in numbers could even be as high as 98%.