Highlights from the June 24-26, 2012 Meeting of ASTM C24 on Building Seals and Sealants

Posted on 7/11/2012 9:46:14 AM By Bob Braun

In this blog, I am reporting on the most significant results from the San Diego three day semi-annual meeting of ASTM C24.

Firstly, the recent ASC initiative to partner with ASTM C24 on sealant Sustainability was a major focus of the closing Main Committee meeting.  It was decided that the C24 Executive Committee will drive this initiative.  Larry Carbary provided the group with a first draft of a definition of sustainability more specifically to sealants. This definition will be reviewed further while ASTM D08 who has moved well along this path will be consulted with as well.  By year end I believe C24 will formally propose a C717 definition that will lead the various subcommittees to further action on this metric.  You should review also Subcommittee E60.01 on Building and Construction for more information. You can join ASTM Committees through links at and participate in standards development for the committees of your choice.  For a very modest fee you will also receive a “book” of standards of your choice in the any one of several formats available.  The next meeting for C24 will take place in Ft Lauderdale FL from January 13-15, 2013.

C24’s scope includes building seals and sealants include aerosol foam sealants, caulking compounds, elastomeric sealants, glazing compounds, preformed sealing tapes, and preformed gaskets.  Here is a summary of the results.

C24.01  Terminology
The focus of this meeting centered on the earlier proposal that C24 establish a new formal meaning for  the term “standard conditions” .  It was discussed at length, with the
goal of harmonizing the standards throughout C24.  In C717, the definition
currently appears as follows: standard conditions, n—in building construction, laboratory test conditions consisting of a relative humidity of 50 +/- 5 % at an air temperature of 23 +/- 1°C at ambient atmospheric pressure.  At the last meeting, Norma Searle and Michael Crewdson recommended changing the parameters to 50 +/- 10% RH and 23 +/- 2°C to match G147 and D618.  However, since some subcommittees would need considerable time and effort to confirm that this change, C24 Committee has decided to accept the above revised definition but any standard that needs to deviate from this can do so by a specific reference within the standard to other temperature and/or RH conditions.


C24.03  Citations
The awards ceremony occurred at the Monday evening dinner and was chaired by Chris White of NIST.  The following received the C24 Award of Appreciation:
Kelly Allore, Eugene Gormley, Dawn Slocum
Mike Nagle received the C24 Hall of Fame Award.

C24.20  General Sealants
This is the largest subcommittee at C24 and consists of 105 members.  The major focus this cycle was to review the results for the Main/Concurrent Items
C24 (12-01) 1 Items Ballot close date 05-01-12
C24 (12-01) ITEM 008 WK36401 REVISION of C0736 Test Method for
Extension-Recovery and Adhesion of Latex Sealants Technical Contact:
Miner, Rick Ballot close date 05-01-12.  This ballot was approved on 06-01-12

C24.30  Adhesion
The major focus this cycle was to review the results for the Subcommittee Items
Ballot close date 06-05-12
C24.30 (12-01) ITEM 001 WK35620 REVISION of C0719 Test Method for
Adhesion and Cohesion of Elastomeric Joint Sealants Under Cyclic
Movement (Hockman Cycle) Technical Contact: Allore, Kelly M
The sub ballot was approved.

C24.40  Weathering
The major focus this cycle was to review the results for the Main/Concurrent Items
Ballot close date 05-01-12
WK36339 REAPPROVAL of C0732 Test Method
for Aging Effects of Artificial Weathering on Latex Sealants Technical
Contact: Jones, Morton
The ballot was approved 06-01-12.
Ballot close date 05-01-12
C24 (12-01) ITEM 010 WK36338 REAPPROVAL of C0734 Test Method
for Low-Temperature Flexibility of Latex Sealants After Artificial Weathering
Technical Contact: Jones, Morton.  The ballot was approved 06-
Ballot close date 05-22-12
WK33458 REVISION of C1589 Practice for
Outdoor Weathering of Construction Seals and Sealants Technical
Contact: Searle, Norma D
63 Aff 2 Neg 49 Abs
Negatives – 4
Comments - 3
The ballot negatives are currently being resolved.

C24.61  Aerosol Foam Sealants
Ballot Results Main/Concurrent Items
Ballot close date 05-01-12
C1620-05 Foam Sealant Spec Revision…Passed Main Ballot…Now: C 1620-12.
Since I chair this Subcommittee, I wanted to provide additional details here.  The most recent activities revolved coordination for the ILS (inter laboratory study) , a review of European FEICA Standards, a critical look at C1642 for air leakage,  a detailed edit of the new standard for foam sealant flow rate, and a brief review of the new standard for adhesion prior to a Sub ballot.  The ILS is this Subcommittees first attempt to create a precision and bias statement.  In this case for C1536-10 for aerosol foam sealant yield.

C24.73  Compression Seal and Lock Strip Gaskets
No Main Or Sub-Committee Ballots on the agenda this cycle.

C24.87  International Standards
There are no ASTM ballots to review at 24.87 since this group coordinates with the ISO Standards Group.  The Chair, Larry Carbary presented the details for a camera that will provide better images of crack depth for surface deterioration of a sealant…the lens is surrounded by LED lights which enhance the view considerably. Crack depth is difficult to rate based on pictorial references, as these represent only two-dimensional pictures.  At the last ISO meeting in Paris, Sugiyama-san proposed a method of documenting the surface changes using a “ring flash” on the camera as shown below.


The next international meeting of this group will take place in Japan in September 2012.

In addition there will be a Sunday meeting of C24.90 (the Executive Committee), a closing Main Committee meeting, and the following special programs:

C24 Awards Reception/Dinner to recognize outstanding achievement of C24 members:  Four awards were presented for exceptional achievement.

C24 ASTM Presentation on Standards Videos: Value-Added Content, and Online Product Initiatives.  The is a new activity and the members received a one hour training on how good quality videos are produced. This is a great way of communicating to the design community how ASTM Standards characterize sealant products. 

C24 Research & Liaison Session:  Elastomeric Wall Coatings: A detailed presentation by Patrick Gorman showed the failure of a coating that was designed to bridge hairline cracks but did not perform after one year.  Wetting of the wall coating revealed the many defects.



In Blog #8 I will focus on examples of current industry application related videos showing how these can both educate and encourage the use of sealant and adhesives when appropriately done.

Any Questions?  Let me know…

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