High Temperature Sealants Take on Heat and Pressure for Mechanical Seals

Posted on 7/30/2020 9:23:32 AM By ASC

Ultra-high temperature sealants step in when the working environment gets hot and the pressure is high by enabling curing in spite of the heat when used to form mechanical seals on metal-to-metal fittings and flanges, enable disassembly during maintenance, and apply gasket dressings to extend the working lives of the existing traditional ones.

One manufacturer, Loctite, has added two new high-temperature products which differ in terms of the amount of pressure involved. The NS 5540, a high strength and low viscosity single component sealant which can be brushed onto threads and used for sealing flanges with a top pressure limit of 2900 psi, while the NS5550, a fibrous paste, can tackle higher pressures of up to 5000psi.

According to the company, both are able to handle service temperatures ranging between 30°C and 700°C, and are not affected by thermal cycling. Loctite reports that both products provide an immediate low pressure seal before curing, after which they create a seal resistant to high pressure and temperature as well as chemicals. This makes them suitable for sealing gases, hydrocarbons and steam in industries such as power generation, mining, refineries and pulp and paper mills.

Other applications include sealing threaded fittings, doors, pump and turbine case flanges, exhaust systems, connections on pipes, boiler sight glasses and pressure vessels.

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