High Grab Adhesive for Rapid Handling of Bonded Components

Posted on 1/18/2018 8:45:49 AM By ASC

Sikaflex 545, a new addition to the Sika Group’s product range, offers new advances in adhesive technology. The adhesive is a silane terminated polymer assembly system that can be applied with a handgun. According to the company, it will grab immediately, retaining its bond under a weight of 4.5kg immediately after application. In less than one minute, the mass it can tolerate increases to 18kg.


Sikaflex 545 is expected to be useful in many industrial contexts since it is able to bond a wide range of substrates including PVC, aluminum, glass, timber, ceramics and galvanized steel. Sika Group believes that it will be adopted in the production of furniture and home appliances as well as industrial appliances and HVAC systems. The low odor, low emissions adhesive requires no surface pre-treatment, has the advantage of elasticity, and can be overpainted.