Henkel Offers Loctite Adhesive Technologies for Professional Football Boot Manufacturers

Posted on 6/30/2014 1:12:55 PM By ASC

In the midst of the World Cup games, it can be easy to take football (or soccer, for US readers) equipment for granted. Henkel’s Loctite adhesives help make the high-performance equipment for the games. For manufacturers, using Henkel adhesives means lower adhesive consumption and more sustainable products. The boots (or shoes) make use of polyurethane adhesives to bond the soles and uppers. Similarly, tongues, eyelets, toecaps, heel reinforcements and foam inlays are all bonded with Henkel adhesives. The modern football is also assembled with adhesives. For the ball, advanced plastics are used to form panels that are then bonded together. This creates a smooth surface for minimum wear and minimizes water absorption during wet games.