Henkel AG & Co KGaA : Innovative Loctite instant adhesives offer new fields of application

Posted on 10/10/2012 9:18:32 AM By

Henkel is offering three improved instant adhesives: Loctite 403, 408 and 460. These adhesives are suitable for virtually any substrate.  They will bond plastic, metal and rubber, and are well-suited for porous materials such as wood, cork, fabric, and leather. Difficult materials may require a Loctite Primer, but can still be used with the Loctite line.  All three will withstand a temperature range of -40◦C to 80◦C. The formulas do not irritate the skin and their safety datasheet is free of hazard designations and compounds that pose a health risk. Moreover, like their predecessors, the three new adhesives are particularly low odor.  The Loctite adhesives share a number of beneficial characterizes, but they differ in viscosity. Loctite 408 is very low viscosity, Loctite 460 is low viscosity, and Loctite 403 has very high viscosity. Like previous Henkel instant adhesives, use of  Loctite 403, 408 and 460 is straightforward, and customers can continue to utilize existing application systems without the need for updates or new devices.