Heated Hose Mount Optimizes Packaging Production Lines

Posted on 1/8/2018 1:52:33 PM By ASC

Robatech AG has announce its release of a new heated hose mount that will help to extend heat hoses’ useful life while helping its users to improve workplace safety and preventing common production-line hold-ups and errors.

The EasyFix Mount combines with an intelligent sensor to activate the RobaFeed3 automated filling system and the design keeps hoses, cables, and tubes from being constricted or bundled to the point where overheating takes place. This, in turn, reduces the changes of carbonization and the resulting clogging of nozzles. In addition, prevention of overheating increases operator safety while maintaining optimal hose temperature.

Working in tandem with the EasyFix Mount, the Robafeed3 filling system ensures that melting tanks are filled safely and as needed. This eliminates common operator errors like tank overfilling or allowing tanks to run empty with resulting production delays. The company says that by realizing these efficiencies, its customers will also use less adhesive and reduce their energy needs.