H.B. Fuller & Gorilla Glue Introduce New Range of Professional Grade MRO Adhesives

Posted on 2/17/2021 8:17:11 AM By RS Hughes/PR Newswire

Following a trademark license agreement with H.B. Fuller, The Gorilla Glue Company has added a list of 19 ultra strong gorillas, developed by teams from both companies, to its product line. 

The GorillaPro range of professional grade MRO adhesives, sealants and lubricants provides new levels of strong, lasting, heavy-duty, and high performance solutions for all industries, and each product is fitted with color-coded caps to provide quick and easy selection of the right gorilla to match the job.

According to GorillaPro the new range is aimed at pushing functionality and efficiency to new levels with threadlockers with grips that won’t let go; retaining compounds that make powerful connections; and gaskets and sealants which perform under pressure. Also in the range are strong bonding instant adhesives, as well as epoxies and urethanes that bond hard; and anti-seize lubricants which protect bolt and pipe threads in corrosive or high temperature environments.

Applied as gel or liquid, the threadlockers use anaerobic technology to lock and seal metal fasteners, protect them against harsh environments, rust, and corrosion; and to prevent any loosening caused by vibration or galling, and any harsh chemicals which may lead to mechanical failure.

The retaining compounds are designed to fill inner gaps between components so as to enhance equipment efficiency and prolong its life. They protect assemblies against component failure by securing brushing, keyways, bearings, and cylindrical parts on shafts or in housing. GorillaPro reports that the hard thermoset plastic the compounds cure into resists loosening and allows for better performance and load transmission. 

According to the developers the no drip, no mess, and no waste gaskets and sealants do not require priming. They will prevent gas and liquid leaks over a long period of time by forming seals in pipes and hydraulic hoses, and will outperform rubber, paper, and cork gaskets by creating flexible gasketing in rigid machined flanges. Application is done with a 35ml gel pump dispenser.

The professional grade gel and liquid instant adhesives, GorillaPro reports, are formulated with cyanoacrylate for high-strength and high-performance and to increase impact resistance and resilience to wear and tear when used on substrates like metal, stone, ceramics, plastic, paper, and rubber. They cure fast at room temperature, and are applied using no mess soft squeeze bottles with dispensing tips.

For bonding to a wide range of substrates, applications and operating conditions, GorillaPro reports the new epoxies and urethanes are strong, versatile and rigid, resistant to chemicals, heat, adhesion and water, and include mechanical and electrical insulation properties. 

According to the developers, the anti-seize lubricants in the range are developed using copper and nickel formulas to protect bolt and pipe threads by providing a barrier between mechanical parts in order to prevent seizing and galling in corrosive or high-temperature environments, as well as to lubricate threads and bolted joints to make disassembly easy.