Growth in Contract Packaging Industry Fuels Innovation

Posted on 4/2/2019 9:46:36 AM By ASC

As shopping moves online and e-commerce becomes the way to buy an ever-growing range of items, the contract packaging industry continues to grow. It is believed that the industry will exceed $100 billion during the 2019 financial year. With fierce competition for the leading places in the market, packaging companies are upping the ante with innovations they hope will give them a competitive edge.

Top new packaging technologies include:

  • Wafer Backside Coating Technology: Wafers and tracking chips are manufactured as uncut wafers, coated with a special paste spun and cured with UV light. Once the wafers have been cut to the desired sizes, their properties can be programmed in.
  • Thermocompression Flip-Chips: Real-time tracking is vital for successful e-commerce. Flip-chips join semiconductor components allowing for easy parcel follow-up. Thermocompression allows chips to be smaller and more durable, improving their performance.
  • Electronically Conductive Adhesives: Although conductive tapes aren’t new, they couldn’t be used on terminal metals without the adhesive losing its bond while also causing corrosion. New adhesives overcome these hurdles opening up further packaging options.
  • Compression Molding: Recent innovations in compression molding are allowing for the production of hard, durable, yet lightweight plastics that reduce shipping costs.
  • Expoxy Flux: Epoxy flux can now form stronger bonds while using less material. This helps with soldering and sealing packaging and allows for epoxy flux to be applied using dips, jets, dispensers, or screen printers.

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