Green Manufacturing Using LED’s for UV Curing of Adhesives and Sealants

Posted on 7/23/2020 11:16:19 AM By asc

UV radiation delivered through LED lamps is fast becoming mainstream for curing/drying resins, polymers, adhesives and coatings in the green manufacturing sector. Once in the shadow of the traditional mercury-based bulbs, which held the top role in curing/drying for years, the UV radiation/ LED lamp is now taking centre stage for many of those wanting to save both energy and time, and reap the benefits of those savings in terms of lower operating costs and not having to change bulbs recently as is required when using a Mercury Lamp. LED Lamps used for curing have a 20,000 hour operational life (without any degradation of light intensity), and do not use a bulb.

While mercury lamps are still the choice in instances where the materials used are not suitable for UV curing and drying, many manufacturers have moved away from them as a result of concern regarding the use of mercury, a toxin which can end up in drinking water if not disposed of properly, and because these bulbs generate extremely high heat. This can draw a large amount of energy, and may also damage the product being cured.

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