Gentle Kenesiology Adhesive Tape Addresses Skin Irritation

Posted on 9/22/2020 10:30:51 AM By ASC

Kenesiology adhesive tapes play a significant role in both sports and physiotherapy when it comes to treating pain and swelling, but for some users with very sensitive-skins, the consequences of using (and removing) the tape, have in some cases literally left their mark in the form of rashes or irritated areas, despite their using laex-free materials and dermatological hypo-allergic acrylic adhesives.

With this in mind, SpiderTech has introduced Gentle tapes, clinical-grade therapeutic tapes backed with a soft gel-like adhesive, in an attempt to lessen these reactions, which normally result from removing the tape, especially when it’s been used on areas where hair may have got caught by the adhesive.

According to the company, the adhesive used on the Gentle tapes’ has been designed to adhere to the skin smoothly and maintain grip without causing skin irritation for up to five days. It is also sweat and water resistant, and has been designed to copy the weight, thickness and elasticity of skin, in order to allow for mobility.