Gel Adhesive Remover Launched for Automotive Industry

Posted on 7/21/2020 9:28:18 AM By ASC

SEM Products has done some formula changes on its existing XXX specialty adhesive removers, and has also expanded the range to include a solvent-based gel specifically aimed at removing adhesive residue left on automobiles after collisions, so as to clear the way for refinishes.

The aerosol gel, according to the company the first of its kind in the refinishing market, evaporates slowly. This allows the surface to stay wet long enough to fully saturate any residue left by adhesives as well as other contaminates such as sap, tar, silicone, grease and oil, while increasing efficiency and eliminating any waste of product at the same time. It is run-resistant, making it suitable for vertical applications, and is equally at home on exterior and interior surfaces.

The gel adhesive remover, like the rest of the XXX adhesive remover range, is compliant with 50 US states.